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IT3355 Network Architecture
Unit 1 Assignment
Project Scope
Your course project starts with selecting your own or a related organization’s IT department. Select an organization with which you are either currently affiliated, have worked for in the past, or one you would like to learn more about. This organization should be relevant to your professional goals. You will use this same organization as a foundation for all of your assignments in this course. All five of your assignments will be combined to form your final course project.
For your assignments, use the suggested resources, the Capella library, and the Internet to research project scope and requirements. Before you begin writing your assignments, be sure to complete the required hands-on virtual labs for each unit.
To prepare for this assignment, do the following:
Complete the required hands-on virtual labs for this week.
Research this topic and include at least three references from articles, books, or Web sites to support your paper.
Your completed assignment should include the following:
Describe your organization. Make sure that you provide enough information to support your scope document.
Describe the project and identify the project goals.
Identify the main stakeholders and describe the role that each will play.
Create a high-level requirements network diagram/map showing geographic locations, organization functional areas, and network connections between locations.
Define a project timeline/outline that coincides with the network engineering life cycle stages.
Given the global nature of your organization, identify and describe international or cultural concerns that must be addressed.
Make sure that your paper is professionally written, free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout. Once complete, submit your paper in the assignment area.

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