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BSC2346 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Module 3 Discussion
Milk Dairy Consumption – Good or Bad for Osteoporosis
epartment of Health and Human Services (2018), estimates that ten million Americans have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, which can lead to complicating fractures. Calcium and Vitamin D are vital components for osteoporosis prevention. Dairy products, especially milk, are common in the American diet and even have a familiar marketing campaign (“Got Milk?”) to help educate the public on the benefits of milk.
Most Americans have the perception that drinking milk will give us strong bones, but is this true? Are dairy products, specifically milk, an effective dietary source to help prevent osteoporosis or could they cause more harm than good? Should we, as a society, be drinking more or less milk? Are there better dietary choices for calcium or should we all be taking calcium supplements? Please elaborate on your reasoning with your research.
Support your opinion with valid research and cite your sources appropriately.
Department of Health and Human Services. (2018). Osteoporosis. Retrieved from

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