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APA format and have 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point font, 
and plz write down about 5~6 long pages except title and citation paper.

I attached below that I planned before, and the rubric and direction for this assignment. 
and this is my instructors’ comment for me.

” Your plan is a bit difficult to follow the way you have it written, be sure to always write in complete sentences. 
For you plan, your behavior is well defined; drink an apple/Kale juice in the morning. Its not clear why you have lose weight in your plan. 
Losing weight is a potential consequence of your behavior, but its not something you can complete control. 
Simplify your plan to drink juice 5 days a a week, get your bonus pay from your boss. You also have alcohol in your plan as well; remove this to simplify your plan.”

Your sources don’t have to be directly related to your specific plan; you should use them to support your definition of behavior modification and any related psychological concepts.

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