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BCJ4301 Management and Supervision in Criminal Justice
Unit I Research Paper
For your first submission, you will need to choose a topic within one of the sixteen chapters in your textbook and write an in-depth research paper on that topic. In Unit I you will submit your research topic with a one-page synopsis detailing the goal of your paper for approval by your instructor.
Note: This is often the most difficult part of the research process. Here are some tips to getting started with your research paper:
Write down multiple research topics and choose which you find most appealing.
Use personal or professional experience to establish a research topic.
Ask your professor for guidance.
Utilize the CSU Online Library and the resident Librarians (for research help).
Peruse your textbook for interesting topics.
Include 2 references you’ll be citing in your paper.
Review the course objectives and see if any spark interest.
Your topic should be at least 1 page, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with appropriate APA style writing.
Note: Two of the assignments in this course (Unit I Research Paper Topic and the Unit IV Outline) are designed to build upon each other in order to produce a solid final product (the research paper) which will be due in Unit VIII. Consequently, both should be completed and submitted in order to allow for faculty review. A quick submission of these assignments, or submitting them out of order, may not allow the faculty member sufficient time for substantive feedback. This may result in a less than satisfactory grade. Please contact the professor with any questions about the assignments in the course.
BCJ4301 Management and Supervision in Criminal Justice
Unit IV Outline
For your second submission, you will need to submit a draft of your research paper with several components to ensure you are on the right track:
an outline of your research and the intended direction of your argument,
at least five scholarly resources you have found that contribute to your topic, and
an abstract outlining your topic and your subsequent findings.
This research draft should be at least two pages, double spaced, with Times New Roman 12 point font, and use appropriate APA style writing. You should be thorough in your research so your professor (or a colleague) could adequately determine your intended research and the direction you are going with your paper.
BCJ4301 Management and Supervision in Criminal Justice
Unit VIII Research Paper
For your final submission, you are to submit the research paper you have been working on throughout the course. The research paper should be double spaced and at least four pages in length, not including the title, abstract, and reference pages, Times New Roman 12 point font, and with appropriate APA style. The research paper must contain a minimum of five scholarly references supporting your argument surrounding your topic, answering your research question(s), or supporting your points about the need for further research on this topic.

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