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For the Discussion, please submit your answers to the following questions (based on the documentary “Love Is All You Need”)
At the beginning of the film Ashley says, “some people say that they are born the way they are destined to be and some people say that it’s a result of how you’re raised”. Do you think sexual orientation is attributable to nature or nurture or both?
What do you think about Ashley’s treatment? By her friends? By her parents? By her teachers? Does that level of bullying occur today to gay/bi/transgendered adolescents?
Requirements for this Discussion:
-Your discussion post should be minimum of 200 words.
-You will need to reply to two students, each reply post should be at least 150 words. 
Please submit your first post on “Thinking about GLBTQIA Relationships” by March 19th and two replies April 2nd.
To submit a post: Click reply to this assignment then compose and submit your post. Once you click “post reply” all students in the class will be able to read your post
To submit a reply to a student: Go to the post that a student has submitted and click reply. Compose your reply and submit. All students in the class will be able to read your reply.

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