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Part one
This assignment has two parts: the project proposal and the library assignment.

For the project proposal you are expected to write three paragraphs:

1) a short description of your topic of choice (pick one of the 20 topics listed in bellow)

2.why you picked that topic

3) who would benefit from your project
Part 2

For the library assignment you are expected to write two paragraphs:

1) list at least two reliable sources in MLA or APA (refer to PSYCINFO – the computerized database for psychological articles.

2) why you picked those sources


        20 topics listed

Biological Issue 1: Is Addiction a Brain Disease?

Biological Issue 2: Is Homosexuality Biologically Determined?

Biological Issue 3: Is Evolution A Good Explanation for Psychological Concepts? 

Research Issue 4: Is American Psychological

Research Generalizable to Other Cultures?

Research Issue 5: Does Teaching Scientific

Determinism Lead to Bad Behavior?

Developmental Issue 6: Are Todays Youth More
Self-Centered than Previous Generations? 

Developmental Issue 7: Do Online Friendships Hurt Adolescent Development?

Cognitive-Emotional Issue 8:  Can Positive
Psychology Make Us Happier?

Cognitive-Emotional Issue 9: Is Emotional Intelligence Really Intelligence?

Mental Health Issue 10: Does An Elective Abortion Lead to Negative Psychological Effects?

Mental Health Issue 11: Is ADHD A Real Disorder?

Mental Health Issue 12: Does Facebook Have Generally Positive Psychological Effects?                             

Psychotherapy Issue 13: Are All Psychotherapies Equally Effective?

Psychotherapy Issue 14: Should Therapists Be Eclectic?

Social Issue 15: Is It Better to Get Married than Stay Single?

Social Issue 16: Should Psychologists Abstain From Involvement in Coercive Interrogations?

Social Issue 17: Does The Evidence Support Evolutionary Accounts of Female Mating Preferences?

Social Issue 18: Can Sex Be Addictive?

Personality Issue 19: Does Birth Order Influence Our Personality?

Personality Issue 20: Should Freuds Theories Be Abandoned as Useless?

Make sure you keep those sources because I will assign u for this assignment, its a up coming assignment, also make sure soemoting good and essay. Also please use essay English

Also there is a sample of it  how I want this assignment me to be done on the file