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Write an conclusion contain of 5 paper and while you write just answer those question. The theme is “ agriculture and “privacy and policies”.”  you can say that we didn’t face any problem. And we are understand each other, you can say whatever you want we are 4 ppl. 
1. What did you learn about water in Oregon?
2. Of all the themes you discussed, which is the most important and why?
3. What do you think would be different if you chose social media, TV or some other media?
4. Do you think you know everything there is to know about water in Oregon? If not, what would you do
next to learn more?
5. If you had to start this project over again from the beginning, is there anything you would do
differently to learn about water in Oregon?
6. Did your team experience any problems during the course of the project? How did you solve them?

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