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2 Page BPR Proposal
This is an individual assignment due from each team member.
Examine your workplace, your school, or any other company and envision how value might be added
through the use of IT and IS. Determine opportunities for Business Process Redesign (BPR). Refer to the
You can use the following to come
up with an idea…
• Is there an easier way to do something?
• Can something be done more efficiently?
• Can you envision a new strategic application?
• Can something be done wirelessly to add value by getting info faster?
• Can value be added through development of a smartphone app?
• Can you see a way to use social networking to add value for the firm?
• Can you see how to streamline a process electronically?
• Is there a manual process that can be automated, improved, or redesigned with IT?
• Is there some other idea you can come up with to add value for your firm?
OK, once you have come up with an idea, document it by creating an outline of your idea as described
below, include a Problem Statement and a Solution Position Statement. 
looking for is a high level overview and introduction of your idea and why it makes sense for the
company to implement it, either for financial or strategic reasons.
This BPR Proposal is  2 page formal document so please write in 3rd person*. Formal reports do
not use a personal viewpoint. (No “I, we, they”, etc.) Use your name or your client name instead.
• Include a cover page with assignment name, your name, course, instructor, and date
• Single space document
• 1” Margins
• Calibri 11 pt. font
It is an overview and introduction of your idea. Type these required headings for your sections labeled
as follows:
A. Business Background
B. Current Business Process
C. Business Problem & Opportunity for BPR
D. Recommended Solution
E. Formal Problem Statement
F. Formal Solution Position Statement
*Third person means that you are a narrator who is not in the story. To write in third person you refer to
people by their name (As compared to first person, where the narrator is a character, and uses “I and

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